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Why is our prison population booming and how can we fix things?

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K.K.K Tonihi8 months ago

I personally think positive influences can help shape and change anyone into a better person, putting someone in jail for things like driving offences like exceeding demerits is hilariously irrelevant throwing someone in jail and taking away just about all privileges does not help it influences bad and negative thoughts I do believe motivation facilities to engaging into work gaining experience getting taught life skills the consequence of actions in bad intentions or reflections and effects this cycle has on the next generations when all it takes is a bit of knowledge which I believe a lot of people lack not because of not wanting to but because of bad experiences and discrimination on a huge scale towards my people which has caused and influenced bad and angry behaviour when little do they know it is exactly how people want us to react we often get judged off a maoris bad mistakes when its not always Maori. You see a pakeha do something wrong, names get pressed all details pressed when they commit 3quarters of the worst crimes in New Zealand , when its Maori its made out to sound like an extraterrestrial act when really its knowledge that the older generations lacked which gave the outsiders a huge advantage over my people really huge, huge enough that they were bribed and taken advantage of sold dreams then built up anger over and over to the point where my generation was told not to trust the outsiders I don't mean all just ones which had bad intentions when we asked our tupuna why they couldn't really give an answer koz they couldn't explain it in a way we understand.


GillyT8 months ago

To quote Rumpole author and barrister John Mortimer: prisons are universities of crime.

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