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Why did women only speak 27 percent of the dialogue in 2016’s biggest films?

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Isaac McFarlaneover 1 year ago

Hello Erica, Its most likely true that women love attending movies as much as men, and i never made a point saying that they didn't. What i did say, and il reiterate it here, is that the data that this article uses for its conclusion is not a reliable set of information, for the reasons i originally listed.

My points were focused on the audiences and data for these 10 movies that this article is based on, not movie going audiences in general. This article wasn't about movies in general, it was specifically about the top 10 grossing movies.

I would also agree that making films that put women in the centre of the story doesn't hurt the box-office. However that doesn't affect my reasoning above, because those two movies were not in the data that the authors conclusion was based on.

I hope this has cleared my position up.


Erica Challisover 1 year ago

In response to Isaac McFarlane.

The moviegoing public is male-dominated? I just don't see this. As far as I can tell, women love going to the movies just as much as men - even more so. Despite the fact that they don't often see themselves well-represented on screen.

Moana and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are both smash hits. Making films that put women in the centre of the story doesn't hurt the box-office. Far from it.


Isaac McFarlaneover 1 year ago

Hi Katie,

I have to disagree with you on this issue, but i will also mention where we agree. This data set is not very reliable due to its small and specific source category. Ten films is a small number of total films. More specifically, they were the Top 10 grossing films, which means these films appealed to their targeted market the most effectively, either creatively or cynically.

Of the 10 films, 4 are superhero movies. The majority of superhero fans are male, and these movies are catered to their male audience, and a male character dominance would be expected. If you think that all movies should focus on equality of outcome, even if it comes at the expense of appealing to their audience more, then you are welcome to that view, but i think thats a mildly authoritarian.

Along the same lines are the 3 / 10 films which are using familiar material and could be considered cynically as cash-grab movies, 'Rogue One' 'Jungle Book' and 'Fantastic Beasts'. Again, whether you think the studios are right or wrong in playing it safe, they are definately most playing it safe with these movies, and the safest market is the male-dominated, mass movie, audience unfortunately. These studios dont care about equality, they care about money. If they only made money appealing to women, films would only appeal to women. These movies aren't sexist, they are greedy.

Regardless of what either of us think, its all about the kids. And the kids films did exceptionally well, except for "Secret Lives'. Guess they didnt get the memo.

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