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Who are New Zealand's Trump supporters?

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Sean OConnorover 1 year ago

Gee, maybe people don't like the idea of expressing their support for Trump because liberal journalists (in this case, paid for by their taxes) have spent so long insisting that we're animated by racism and misogyny?
And maybe they're also intelligent enough to realise that you (collective) will happily misrepresent and outright lie about what we say, and we don't have a medium to correct the record?
Look at The Wireless's list of opinion articles and ask yourself if conservatives can really expect a fair go from you.
Hell, there's probably been plenty of decent right wingers trying to get in touch but being moderated out, that's normally considered virtuous on state-funded leftist echo chambers.


Ian Sellenover 1 year ago

Actually Sean, it's far more likely that Trump supporters are scared of having their irrational, bigoted and ill-informed viewpoints ripped to shreds by people who actually know what they are talking about.


Sean OConnorover 1 year ago

Case in point: 3 of the last 6 articles by Sarah Strongman:
"Carrie Fisher: Actor, writer and smasher of the patriarchy"
"Ovary action: The best placards from Women's Marches across NZ"
"Five John Key gaffes immortalised as gifs"

I wouldn't expect fair treatment from anyone who uses the phrase "smasher of the patriarchy" without irony.


Philjover 1 year ago

This piece is lightweight pap. Why don't you do serious journalism on one of the comments, I. E. Why do so many people not trust the mainstream media?

Neville robertson 2009 bigger

Neville Robertsonover 1 year ago

Because they are in their own little echo chamber where everyone else thinks it is okay to disrespect women, that all immigrants are terrorists, that might is right and white is even better?

Uxffeftw bigger

tie a knot in itover 1 year ago

Cheethan Cee. Patronising much?


Chethan Ceeover 1 year ago

There are a lot of people here who would openly say they are Trump supporters. I can easily show at least 3 around me. And no, not it's not unwittingly. They have reasons and their own 'beliefs'.

But of course you need to go and talk to them, they won't come to you. That's not how journalism work Susan. Get out of the ivory tower and talk to people. Write what they think and show them where they are wrong. Otherwise, next time you write an article like this, it will be about New Zealand.

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winston moretonover 1 year ago

It's like finding people who supported Muldoon and the Springbok Rugby Tour


Chris Gedgeover 1 year ago

Im a Kiwi, conservative, and evangelical. No, I do not support Trump. He is a phony! Not that I wanted Hillary Clinton; I did not.

However, Trump will probably follow conservative policies, not out of personal conviction, but because it is expedient to do so. He needs the evangelical vote. True conservatives should get rid of him before he makes America ashamed. Like I said, he is phony - an utter fraud.

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