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Where the MPs running for PM stand on five controversial issues

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Richardover 1 year ago

Great article and well researched, but you may want to consider deleting the second comma in the statement: 'English voted against the bill, as did Collins, who said...'
Could be interpreted that English said prostitution is akin to rape. He didn't say that, Collins did, which I know is what you were trying to say.
Yes, sadly, the damn grammar policeman! :-)


Tim McKenzieover 1 year ago

That is not sexist. Judith Collins has a nationally recognised nickname (Crusher) which has been given to her due to her questionable past as Minister. Key, Coleman and English have no such nickname as they tend to be more well liked among the majority. The fact that Collins is the only one with a "prerogative nickname" has nothing to do with gender whatsoever. It is merely based on her reputation as a Cabinet Minister. It just happens to be that Collins is a woman and the other three figures are males. I am sure if the roles were reversed then this would not be labelled "sexist."


Kirsten Matthewover 1 year ago

Guys, I love what you do and I am not a Collins fan at all, but it is not acceptable that you choose to name the only woman with a pejorative nickname and all the men with their proper surnames. It's a kind of lazy sexism that is rampant in the world and that journalism should work hard to avoid.

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