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Wellington College rape comments: 'These kinds of jokes have real repercussions'

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Lee Apadamabout 1 year ago

The sooner we get to co-ed schools only the better things will be. And any talk about how girls or boys 'flourish better academically' at single-sex schools is just nonsense. Single sex schools are an extremely out-dated tradition from the other side of the planet. The REAL WORLD has men and women interacting. THIS is the reality our kids need to grow up with.


Acidplaystf2about 1 year ago

Just because you find it offensive and unfunny, doesn't mean it's not a joke. A stupid and tasteless joke? Sure. I don't think it's funny either. I'm not condemning the comments that were made. But the moral outrage that has stemmed from the comments are insanely disproportionate to the events.

No, two comments made by individuals do not show a lot about who we are as a country. You know what does show a lot about who we are as a country? Polls. Data. There's none of that in this story.


Yvonneabout 1 year ago

Just to inject a few facts into your worldview .. the person who made the "threat" .. there was just one .. does NOT attend Wellington College and perhaps just put it there to wind up people like you. He was certainly called out for it within minutes by the Wellington College Facebook group and the comments removed. He doesn't represent anything but his own stupid self.

Perhaps you need to face the unfortunate fact that you went to a conservative little school in Christchurch and didn't have any "social contact" with females. Well that's not the case with boys at Wellington College in 2017 and your insulting and cliche-ridden analysis of this situation smacks of someone who maybe did some shit he wasn't proud of. Get over it, just don't think slagging off Wellington College makes what you did ok.

And the values of Wellington College you wish to denigrate ? .. of course values are a thing Principals wish to instill in their kids as they go through. It's called schooling. Wellington College don't stand outside the mainstream of NZ education, and in some cases they are among those leading innovation in it.

So don't judge Wellington College by your own sad school career. And don't believe the hype frankly about a problem that is being dealt with by schools all over the country . Times change, people change, children learn. Your insulting their schools doesn't help anyone.


Anneliese Houghabout 1 year ago

Hey Acidplaystf2, can you please explain what part of what those boys said that was the joke? Because as much as I try, I can't see how it is remotely funny. The language we use shapes and is shaped by our culture. These derogatory and sinister comments about women do tell us a lot about who we are as a country...and so does passing it off as a joke.


Acidplaystf212 months ago

A couple of high school kids made some stupid jokes on facebook, therefore the entirety of new zealand has a problem with normalizing / encouraging rape. That's a logical conclusion.

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