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Weekly reading: Best longreads on the web

Thursday 5th February 2015

Our weekly recap highlighting the best feature stories from around the internet.

The couple who were filmed having sex in a Christchurch office.

Office sex romp: Caught out and never forgotten - by Michele A'Court, The Press

"Punters at the Carlton described what they saw through the office window as "a good show", cheering the characters on, offering advice, possibly – reports don't say – holding up score cards. Certainly rating the players on dexterity and stamina like it was a show on TV. And then, indeed, they made it a TV show – that's the remarkable thing about modern life. We are all photographers and movie makers, and we are all – thanks to social media – broadcasters." 

The Trip Treatment - by Michael Pollan, The New Yorker

"'Ineffability' is a hallmark of the mystical experience. Many struggle to describe the bizarre events going on in their minds during a guided psychedelic journey without sounding like either a New Age guru or a lunatic. The available vocabulary isn’t always up to the task of recounting an experience that seemingly can take someone out of body, across vast stretches of time and space, and include face-to-face encounters with divinities and demons and previews of their own death."

Eddie Huang Against the World - by Wesley Yang, The New York Times

"Huang, 32, was dressed in an acid-wash denim jacket and a black fur hat with its earflaps folded up, which lent his large, round baby face a not-at-all-coincidental resemblance to a certain East Asian dictator. (Huang likes to give himself nicknames — Kim Jong Trill, the Rotten Banana, the Human Panda, the Chinkstronaut — all of which, like the name of his show, repurpose and reclaim slurs and stereotypes.)"

Deja Voodoo’s Time as Meth’s Publicists - by Matt Heath, The Spinoff

"There were angry articles written [about Deja Voodoo's single 'P']. Threats made. I was invited to give the positive side in a ‘P’ debate with Jim Anderton on National Radio. I was interviewed on TV One’s Sunday as ‘the poster boy for P’. Worst of all my girlfriend’s mum rung me up and told me off."

A Space Between Street Corners And Symphonies - by Kirsti Whalen, The Pantograph Punch

"I remember the circus as an afterglow. My fingers were sticky with candyfloss and my lips puckered pink with salt. Striped tents plagued the local showgrounds throughout my youth, and even after I had ceased to enjoy the show itself (pint-sized animal rights activist as I was) those primary-coloured marvels still held some sheen, some allure."

Tangled Up in Ol' Blue Eyes - by David A. Graham, The Atlantic

"Dylan takes Sinatra's slick crooning and produces music that sits somewhere between hymnic gospel and old-school country. As anyone who's ever heard even a snippet of Christian rock knows, there's a fine line separating lyrics about eros from lyrics about agape. Dylan crosses the line repeatedly."

The Fakers - by Steven Melendez, Motherboard

"Judging by its website,  Altman Research wouldn’t be such a bad company to have on a résumé ... In reality, though, it’s probably not a great place to look for a job, or even a stock tip, for one simple reason: Altman Research doesn’t actually exist. Its website was created by Career Excuse, a service which, for a fee, provides job-seeking customers with verifiable references from nonexistent companies."

This Is Why The Urban Contemporary Grammy Exists - by Lauren Schwartzberg, The Fader

"I had a big huge fight this year trying to get Beyoncé to be acknowledged as Urban Contemporary," says Tricky Stewart, who produced Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Beyoncé's I Am…Sasha Fierce, and has a role in the Grammy selection process. "They told me that it was a pop song. 'Drunk in Love' is not a pop song. It wasn't intended to be 'I Kissed a Girl.' It became popular, and there's a difference.""

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