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Weekly Reading: Best longreads on the web

Friday 13th May 2016

Our weekly recap highlighting the best feature stories from around the internet.


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Ghost in the Shell and anime's troubled history with representation - by Emily Yoshida, The Verge

“Technology was what Japan turned to as a means to assert itself as a world leader when military might was no longer an option. The wire-encrusted dystopias of ‘90s anime are the natural outgrowth of a country brought to its knees by nuclear warfare that threw itself into a tech explosion and is now slumping through economic downturn. And it's an indirect American inheritance.”

Why Does the Media Keep Giving Abusive Men Platforms for Redemption? - by Dayna Evans, NY Mag

“Because of the strong stance Farrow took on a family member’s alleged abuse, an entire publication’s access was denied. That's exactly what the media fears: If we say anything, we’ll lose something. Passing judgment on men’s bad behavior, or covering it at all, could put a publication’s access at risk, so they often default to staying silent.”

Safety In Numbers: Poly Twitter and Carving Out Digital Space - by Lana Lopesi, The Pantograph Punch

“We are amid a wave of self-publishing, and although people like to talk about how democratising that is, it’s not necessarily concentrated among the young or the previously marginalised. You just have to read the New Zealand Herald comment sections, or Stuff Nation, to see that everyone has a voice online. Often, I can’t relate to the comments I find on places like these. Which is fine. But sometimes, I do want to log on to a safe space where I can be surrounded by likeminded people. For me that place is Poly Twitter.”

Is Britney Spears Ready To Stand On Her Own? - by Serge F. Kovaleski and Joe Coscarelli, The New York Times

“The disturbing images seem so distant now: the pop-star-turned-cautionary tabloid tale — head shorn, face twisted, umbrella gripped like a police baton as she bashed a paparazzi S.U.V. window. More than eight years after her meltdown, Britney Spears, at 34, appears to be thriving.”

George FM Breakfast reduces human woman to piece of sex meat – again - by Alex Casey, The Spinoff

“This woman is explaining herself, using unsexy boring old words! Let’s have a geeze at some knockers instead because this is Zoo Magazine George FM, where everything’s made up and human decency don’t matter. Why WOULDN’T they be filming her boobs? I haven’t been to broadcasting school so I can only assume that’s how you are taught to make good RADIO.”

DJ Khaled Is Extra Careful Around Beyoncé - by Ana Marie Cox, The New York Times Magazine

“I put the right people in the room together to make magic. Basically, I’m one of the greatest producers ever. And I’m also one of the greatest D.J.s ever. And I’m also one of the best executives ever.”

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