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Weekly reading: Best longreads on the web

Friday 23rd January 2015

Our weekly recap highlighting the best feature stories from around the internet.


Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer

The Broad Strokes: Hanging with the highly amusing, deeply stoned, not-so-secretly smart, and super-powerful women of Broad City  –  by Rachel Syme, Grantland

“The first time I met Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, they were wearing Rollerblades and Glazer was psyching herself up to simulate sex with a giant oak tree.”  

Super-rich kids: How the other half lives  –  by Jess McAllen, Sunday Star Times 

“They're models, bloggers, Instagrammers (brands offer them freebies to post to their large follower count) and photographers. Most spend daddy's credit card – “I miss those days” remarks an older Ya Ya. Some work: wait-staff, bartenders at the hip restaurants. One blushes: "I work at a supermarket.”

Mike Puru Will Host The Bachelor – But Could Another Host Have Made it More Fun? –  by Duncan Greive, The Spinoff

“Dominic Bowden should host everything we produce, with production schedules meshed to allow him to be chauffeured from set-to-set and winter schedules featuring Bowden on every channel all the time.” 

#Tay4Hottest100: Taylor Swift campaign shows it's time for Triple J to shake off cultural elitism –  by Elle Hunt, The Guardian

“Let me tell you who hasn’t won the Hottest 100 in the quarter-century it’s been run – a woman, despite female artists and consumers dominating the popular music market. Shake It Off at number one would be a win for feminism about as much as it would be a win for Isis, but if a song by a white, wealthy woman adds to the diversity of your playlist, that’s, in feminist parlance, “problematic.”

No Guts, No Glory: The Rise of Gross-Out TV – by Omar L Gallaga, Rolling Stone

“Some of the grossest shows on television are both adored and acclaimed: The Walking Dead's previous season premiere was the most-watched hour of cable television ever with 16.1 million viewers, with a separate SportsCenter-style after-show — Talking Dead — devoted to replaying zombie kills like game highlights.”

The Highway: Sleater-Kinney’s Majestic New Album - by Brian Phillips, Grantland


“The immediately striking thing about No Cities to Love, though, is how little it feels like a reunion record. It could have been made a year after The Woods. It could have come out 10 years from now. You get a sense from it that time doesn’t really exist for Sleater-Kinney, that whatever alchemy of temperament and talent makes them who they are is too strong to be endangered by disuse.”

The True Tragedy Of American Sniper – by Anne Helen Petersen, Buzzfeed

“Watching American Sniper in the theater is an immersive, ultimately cathartic experience — but it shouldn’t be. Every war movie should make you feel like shit.” 

Stevie Wonder: The Immortal – by Mark Anthony Green, GQ

“Little Stevie is now a 64-year-old genius. We met for a glass of kombucha on a mundanely beautiful Cali afternoon in Los Angeles, where he now lives. He's ditched the preppy look from his youth and now affects a kind of futuristic soul-minister vibe, with his thigh-length black Star Trekky suit jacket and his visor-like shades.”

Ask A Grown Man: Run The Jewels – by Rookie Mag

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