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Weekly Listening: Mzwètwo, Yukon Era, Kane Strang and more

Wednesday 2nd March 2016

A showcase of some of the best new music releases from the past week.


Mzwètwo – ‘You Got It’

A jam if there ever was one, ‘You Got It’ comes flush with tender raps, sweet R&B crooning, finger snaps -- all that good stuff. It clocks in at a succinct 2:40, and by the time it’s slowed and throwed to its natural conclusion, you’ll find yourself busy searching for the repeat button.

Yukon Era – Yukon Era EP

Auckland teens Yukon Era have just dropped their debut self-titled EP, five songs of spirited and shambolic garage-rock that come wrapped in a kind of Libertines-ish charm. They’ve got two Auckland dates coming up in the next week. Hopefully none of the band members will be grounded this time.

Kane Strang – Blue Cheese

Dunedin’s Kane Strang has been perfecting his brand of heavy-hearted and restless psych-rock songs for a few years now, and after somewhat of a false start, which saw him release the album into the wild last year, he’s reworked and re-released his debut full-length Blue Cheese. It’s now available locally through Flying Out and in the US/Europe via Badabing Records. (Kane talked to The Wireless last year about his five favourite New Zealand songs, and why they mean so much to him. Revisit it here.)

Street Chant – ‘Swanning’

Though it didn’t make it onto Hauora, Street Chant’s just-released b-side ‘Swanning’ comes from the vaults of the same recording session that birthed their forthcoming second record. Singer Emily Littler says it was written about “careerism in ‘indie rock’, whatever that means.” Bring on the album already.

The Pleasure – Everything Turns To Gold

Released without any notice, Everything Turns To Gold is the new album from Berlin-based New Zealand musician Lawrence Goodwin (Career Girls, Caroles and CHEATS). The album features previously-released singles ‘Pray’ and ‘Under My Skin’, and guest appearances from Gussie Larkin (Mermaidens), Rachel Elf (Greenfog) and Paul Cavemen (The Cavemen). If that’s not enough, Goodwin has also unveiled a 40-song compilation of “truly intimate and personal recordings” that span the past five years. Take a listen here.

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