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Wednesday 8th June 2016

Onehunga over everything.



Know Us, INF’s mid-album highlight from the recently-released SWIDT vs Everybody, sees the Onehunga MC in total cruise control. “I don’t think you need to give a f*ck about what they think,” he begins. From there, it’s flashbacks to dial-up internet struggles and waiting for the 312 bus back from town, all delivered with a genuine longing for those days gone by. About two-thirds of the way in, INF’s warm flow fires up, but the beat keeps on burning slow; it’s a flawless lesson in restraint.

“It wasn’t like we had a meeting and were like, ‘Yo, let’s rep Onehunga to the maximum,’ SWIDT told Sam Wicks. “It’s just an innate thing – like we’re from there, we grew up there, eh. Even if you ask other locals, they’re the same. It’s just within the culture of Onehunga.”

SWIDT vs Everybody is out now.

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