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Video premiere: 'Fade' - Mermaidens

Wednesday 18th April 2018

They’re already in the studio recording a third album, but Wellington band Mermaidens have one more piece of Perfect Body to share with their fans.


The third video to be released from the Taite Prize-nominated album, and co-directed by Christchurch-based filmmaker Julian Vares and the band’s longtime collaborator Ezra Simons, ‘Fade’ is an all-consuming, eerie piece of cinematography that might just take your breath away.

We got on the phone with band member Gussie Larkin to chat about the video, the track, and what’s coming next.

Going in what was the vision you and the band had for the video?

As a band we knew the one thing we did want in the video was a live performance scene, because we’d never had that in a music video before. That was basically the brief. We wanted something really cinematic because the song lends itself to a really cinematic look.

What was it like being at the pool after hours?!

It was really cool! I’ve always wanted to film at a pool. We tried to stay away from water themes because we’re called Mermaidens, and all our earlier music did that, but it was really cool to be like ‘Hey, this is aquatic’. It’s such a beautiful building. It was shot a Freyberg Pool on Oriental Parade.

Was there a reason why you choose ‘Fade’ to be the third video?

It was originally going to be ‘Lizard’ which was the first single we released off the album, but that song had already been released and played on the radio. ‘Fade’ isn’t really a typical single. It’s our favourite song on the album and it’s the last song on the album, a hidden gem. For the video we did a radio edit, so it’s had over a minute taken off the recording to make it more radio friendly.

Will ‘Fade’ be the last video you release for Perfect Body?

Yeah. I see this album as wrapped up anyway, but it’s a nice little nugget that will hopefully get some more people remembering the album and going back to it. It’s also good timing with the Taite Prize and Record Store Day, when we’ll be playing with Tiny Ruins at Slow Boat Records in Wellington.

You’ve been back in the studio, does this mean a third album is in the works?

Yes! We’re in the midst of recording our third album which I think people will be surprised by. We’re trying to do things that are unexpected for us. It’s going to be quite a while until it comes out, but it will be out in the first half of 2019. It’s really exciting, and it’s a little more pop than stuff we’ve done in the past.

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