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Video Premiere: Bunnies On Ponies - 'Nothing'

Monday 13th July 2015

The Wireless is proud to present the premiere of Bunnies On Ponies’ new video ‘Nothing’.


After first going through a couple of other directors, the video for Bunnies On Ponies’ latest single ‘Nothing’ fell in the hands of Lakshman Anandanayagam and the team at Creature, an Auckland-based VFX company.

Guitarist/vocalist Samuel Flynn Scott, who might be better known as a member of Wellington outfit The Phoenix Foundation, says that Lakshman came up with the idea for the clip and that the combo of the colourful video and pop-punk sound is a pleasant antidote to that period of Samuel’s life.

The song, he says, “is essentially about me being smashed on tramadol and laid out on the floor of my house watching Anthony Bourdain videos on YouTube for weeks while my back recovered from a ruptured disk.”

The downtime from the injury sparked a desire in Samuel to revisit bands like The Breeders and Nirvana, who were some of the acts he loved growing up. From there, Bunnies On Ponies - who are rounded out by fellow Wellingtonians Craig Terris and Tom Callwood - began a whirlwind of writing and the result was their third album, Heat Death of the Universe, which was released late last year.

“Heat Death is a questionable concept in physics about all the energy in the big bang essentially running out when the universe has expanded to its furthest. At that point it will collapse back in on itself. It’s an idea that fills me with dread.

“Your own death is hard enough to deal with but the idea of every planet and star, every single thing in existence ceasing to exist, that is a creepy thought,” says Samuel.

“In The Phoenix Foundation the 90s grunge would have been welcomed but with all the different cooks in the band it would have ended up moulded into something more prog-rock than punk-rock. I’m lucky to have the B.O.P and Tom and Craig to bounce ideas off. We work so fast and have such a great time. It’s cathartic stuff.”

Samuel says that Bunnies On Ponies is like a holiday from The Phoenix Foundation, but with the band on the verge of releasing Give Up Your Dreams, which is due out on August 7, he’s in for a busy six months at least.

As for Bunnies On Ponies, Samuel says that there’s hope of getting another album together in the middle of next year.

“I have some more grunge angst inside me that I need to get out!”

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