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Video premiere: Anna Coddington 'Slate'

Thursday 23rd July 2015

The Wireless presents the premiere of ‘Slate’, the new video from Anna Coddington.


Anna Coddington describes her new single ‘Slate’ as coming from the same “life zone” as previously released singles ‘Make You Mine’, ‘The Runner’ and ‘Bird In Hand’, the latter of which was a finalist for the Silver Scroll in 2013. All the tracks were written after “the brutal break up of a seven-year relationship followed quite quickly by a really great hook up,” and the Raglan-born / Auckland-based singer says the song is essentially about starting over.

“’Bird In Hand’ covered the break up and letting go, and the others including this one were me trying to process meeting someone new and having strong feelings so soon after. The feelings were many, and varied - love, hate, caution, fear, and all the other usual ones that go with these things. Very fertile ground for writing tunes!

“I had come out of dark times and ‘Slate’ is me getting my head around the fact that everybody has a past with events and people that have shaped them, but there’s gotta be a way to clear the slate and start again without letting those things block potential positives.”

The video for ‘Slate’ was directed by actor/writer/filmmaker Aidee Walker, who was also behind Anna’s last three clips. Aidee came up with the concept for it and, although it was challenging, Anna says the results are impressive.

“Honestly I find the making of videos so complex compared to making songs! We had a really rushed shoot as it was mid-winter out at Bethell’s and we were working with the sun so once it went down we had to wrap. I’m really blown away by how well it turned out. Everyone did a great job,” says Anna.

Anna’s last singles came in 2013, which followed her album Cat & Bird, released a couple of years prior. Work on a new album came to halt when she had her son, but the ball is rolling again and she has “a shit-tonne of songs” written with a new record expected to be released early next year. The tracklist has been ever-evolving, so the previously released singles may not make the cut.

Photo: Supplied

Anna has also just announced a joint tour with LIPS, which will see them play an extensive 10-date tour of the country in September. Anna and Steph Brown go way back and the idea eventuated out of them working on ‘Slate’ together.

The New York-based LIPS, who now operate as a two-piece with Fen Ikner on drums/samples/vocals, were looking to tour in New Zealand and with the struggles of organising things from the US, Anna stepped in and offered to help put it together. “After a while we both just kinda shyly said to each other, ‘maybe we could do it together?’” recalls Anna.

The plan is to take the stage together as a three-piece act, where they’ll be playing on each other’s songs and performing a couple of “hot covers” as well. Anna says she honestly can’t wait.

“The 10,000 emails putting this tour together will be worth it for the 10 excellent shows we are going to play!”

Thursday September 10 – Meow, Wellington
Friday September 11 – The Boathouse, Nelson
Saturday September 12 – The Mussel Inn, Takaka
Thursday September 17 – Wunderbar, Christchurch
Friday September 18 – Upstairs Cucina, Oamaru
Saturday September 19 – Taste Merchants, Dunedin
Sunday September 20 – Gin & Raspberry, Wanaka
Thursday September 24 – Cabana, Napier
Friday September 25 – Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Saturday September 26 – The Tuning Fork, Auckland

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