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Video premiere: Andrew Keoghan feat. Hollie Fullbrook ‘No Simple Doll’

Tuesday 8th September 2015

The Wireless presents the premiere for Andrew Keoghan and Hollie Fullbrook's new video, ‘No Simple Doll’.

‘No Simple Doll’ is the latest single from Andrew Keoghan, written about “an out of work actress who battles waves of career doubt and sibling inferiority when her high-flying younger sister gets married.”

The track comes from Every Orchid Offering, Andrew’s second album and follow-up to his much-loved debut Arctic Tales Divide, which was a finalist for the Taite Music Prize back in 2012.

Andrew chose to go with a live performance video because he likes the energy and unpredictability of them, and says that his band had just finished touring so they had “a better handle on how to communicate the new material.”

Although he’s been kicking around in Brooklyn, New York after moving there a couple of years back, the video was filmed live back at Auckland recording studio The Lab. He says it gives you a sense of being in an underground club or bunker. 

Although Andrew wrote the song, it also features vocals from Hollie Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins, who says that several quite different versions of it have been floating around since it was first recorded, and range from a plain string section backing to a more electronic feel.

Andrew’s approach to the sound on the album itself, which is due out in March next year, will be more groove-based and percussion-heavy. Expect pop, electronica, R&B and orchestral elements all rolled into one and alongside this duet with Hollie, the album also features guest spots from Princess Chelsea and Claire Duncan.

Naturally, his experience of living in New York has also had an influence on his songwriting, he says.

“New York's grip over the past couple of years will be evident I think.”

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