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Twitter is ridiculing 'racist propaganda' Hobson’s Pledge

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Stephen Brockieabout 1 year ago

Re; Andrew Little - If you only acknowledge grievances you are doing history a great disservice and you will fail to understand our complex multicultural society.

The question is, why isn't there an honest discussion? Dismissing either side just creates division.


about 1 year ago

I think all reasonable people among us agree that everyone should be treated the same before the law. Therefore, how can a rejection of that be reasonable?


Ngawai Robinsonabout 1 year ago

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this topic Max, I appreciate it.

I accept that that's how you feel Stephen Brokie - maybe a counterweight to your concerns could be stored in Vincent O'Malley's book 'The Great War for New Zealand'.

As you say, an honest discussion is needed for sure. We all know that divisions occur when people aren't fully up-to-date about our past.

Do you think it's just as important for the victims across all of these conflicts to have recognition for what’s happened to them brought out into the light of day?

Listing your words, a great disservice is done when you skip bi-culturalism you fail to understand our complex multi-cultural society resulting in a hegemonic dominant NZ!

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