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Turned away in a crisis

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alosiusover 2 years ago

Mental health needs an enormous reform towards primarily a ground-up, compulsory, at-school-based, holistic model- URGENTLY!

I am SO extremely sorry for those in this article. It's so hard to know what to do in those circumstances. Our country needs to demand change: such enormous problems indicate that THE SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK!

The methods we use today are to ignore the problem, resulting in an "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff" scenario: suicide, power abuses, toxic psychiatric drugs, homelessness, addiction, mass incarceration, and everything else! Western society is "one big 'mental health' problem"!

The only way I know of that could POSSIBLY have a positive effect on all of the above is PREVENTION: A comprehensive education, at the school level.

Ultimately, we teach children about basically everything EXCEPT THAT WHICH HAS MOST IMPACT ON DETERMINING THE QUALITY OF THEIR LIFE: their mind. In the past we had the excuse that we didn't know enough about human well-being aka "mental health" to do this - but this is not the case in 2016! A truly twenty-first century education system towards a truly twenty-first century society demands it!


Briar Parkinover 2 years ago

A family member has issues when calling the Marlborough crisis team after hours, either they don't answer the phone ( or there's nobody there too answer), or they tell him to call back the next morning.
They also thought it was fine for my suicidal mentally ill family member to be released from hospital into the care of her acutely mentally ill friend ;while her partner was at work because "there is nowhere else for her to go". They even suggested she call women's refuge to see if she could go there for the day?!!
I've myself have experienced the local public Mental health unit not following there own procedures in regards to patient safety, lying to clients and their families and on paper work to cover there own butts, and refusing to supply community support people to clients because "you have to have specific goals and intended outcomes from support such as finding work".
Mental health patients are treated like they are "bludgers" trying to rort the system, or just trying to get drugs.
To conclude, people are not getting the medical care they are entitled to and then treated like crap by the public for being unwell, our society in general; not only the mental health system needs a huge kick in the pants!

Nnoyar9g bigger

Mookieabout 2 years ago

I've been turned away calling from the hospital carpark with someone in seat next to me self-harming and talking about killing themselves


Emily Redgrovealmost 2 years ago

The police are called out to suicide risk and attempts because they're more reliable and consistent than local crisis / CATT teams - who often request that you call the police - especially if the person is not known to them.


Kathy over 2 years ago

My family is going through this nightmare at the moment. We have a beautiful, bright, caring and sensitive 22 year old who is struggling to keep her head above water. We had to go to A and E 2 weeks ago as she was suicidal. We were told they were full and we had to take her home. I will do anything for my daughter but I'm finding it so hard to find the help she so desperately needs.
How do we help her when the help out there is not enough? Do we need to look at sending her to Australia to get the help. The cost of doing that will be huge but I would rather be broke and still have my daughter here than watch her suffer the way she is at the moment.
How do we initiate change? How do we get the people with the power to hear the pain our children, family and friends are going through?


heather dowieabout 2 years ago

My grandson committed suicide in October last year at his home in Perth WA. We were all heartbroken as it could have been prevented. As a family we have since learnt a lot about youth suicide and the Ministry of Healths current Suicide Prevention Strategy is due to expire in June this year. They are calling for people, especially those who have been affected by suicide to put forward suggestions for their new Suicide Prevention Strategy. Anyone wishing to do so can email them to Thank you. Heather


Julieover 2 years ago

My son tried to commit suicide when he was 17. He will be 25 in April. I believe that diet is very important factor and it is within our remit as parents to help here. According to GAPS Book by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), seratonin - our natural feel happy neurotransmitter is made in our gut. If our gut is in poor condition we do not make enough seratonin to feel happy and this causes us to make poor choices etc. As hypocrates said ' all dis-ease begins in the gut'. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, cleansing treatments can help heal the gut - its all in the book and as parents you will feel better for taking action not simply waiting for superficial help.
Link to book below - Please take this seriously Dr Campbell-McBride provides a real alternative to the psycho drug route which no parent wants for their loved ones.


Paul Riddlerover 2 years ago

New Zealand: Self advocacy destroyed the lives of an entire familiy unit, i am disabled from traumatic brain injury, i exsperienced dangerous side effects from a drug called Tamadol, i informed multiple people of my mental health crisis, i was sent home.
I then lodged a complaint with New Zealands primary health and disability advocacy provider, the Nationwide health and disability advocacy service.
New Zealand government advocates Betty Knott and Vandy Pollard perverted the course of justice of my serious systemic complaint by colluding with Wise Group Pathways, CareNZ managers Mary Freeman and Michelle Glenny.
Many New Zealand advocacy organisation have a hidden agenda that stems from the Health and disability commissioners biased support for the medical proffessions no blame culture that is preventing any real accountability or justice for complainants.
The mental health sector is one of the worst offenders for concealing serious negligence that has led to the loss of life by suicide, all providers shut up shop when a serious complaint is lodged, they collude to pervert the course of justice on a systemic level with New Zealand government entities that are mandated to protect the rights of New Zealand citizens, the NZ government organisations that are involved in this outright abuse of basic human rights include, Ombudsmen NZ, Office of human rights proceedings, New Zealand human rights commissioner, New Zealand health and disability commissioner.
I have provided documented proof of serious negligence to these NZ government entities, as of writing this today there has b


Frances Westabout 2 years ago

Basically the DHB mental health teams can't cope with demand, so if you can afford private psychologists go private. I'd rather have my child alive than money in the bank. Of course I'd rather the government sorted itself out and funded the mental health team adequately so I didn't have to pay, but as I've no power over that I do what I can.

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