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Top 10 stories of the month - September 2016

Friday 30th September 2016

In case you missed something, here are our most read stories for the month.


1. Do we buy it? H&M's fast fashion has a cost beyond the price tag

Photo: AFP

The fashion giant opens its first NZ store this week. Underneath the hype is a company with a chequered history. By Tess McClure and Anusha Bradley.


2. Please, call me wahine

To mark Suffrage Day, we asked four amazing women to write a few words 123 years on from winning the right to vote.


3. What it's like to have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Seeing colours, shapes and auras the rest of us don't.


4. Good grief, The Real Housewives of Auckland just hit a low-point

The Real Housewives of Auckland gets everything wrong in its attempt to talk about race, writes Hussein Moses.


5. Fear and loathing: tough tactics to get loan borrowers to pay up

Illustration: Toby Morris

The government is fighting harder than ever to get back billions owed by former students overseas. While young Kiwis think the tactics are all wrong, they seem to be working. By Mava Moayyed.


6. Sorry, but Disney's Maui costume is simply not OK

Even with the best intentions, it's not right to wear someone else’s skin, writes Leah Damm.


7. What it’s like to give up being a Jehovah’s Witness

Photo: Rebekah Parsons-King/The Wireless

Vincent Clayton walked away from the world he knew for the chance to know more.


8. The Singles Life: Bow down to Parris Goebel

Everyone knows Parris Goebel for being our very own superstar choreographer expat extraordinaire, but did you know she’s got a burgeoning music career in the works? Katie Parker and Hussein Moses take out their headphone bobbles and put on their thinking hats to discuss Parris’ swift ascent to glory.


9. Talking sex with the editor of Aotearotica

Illustration: Ant Sang

Yes - there's a clever, fun and real journal about sex in New Zealand.


10. Is ‘justice’ a cherry-picked privilege?

Photo: Wellington Lions

Justice. Just us. Just for who? He aha tÄ“nei? It’s time to unlock our minds when it comes to justice, writes JustSpeak's Julia Whaipooti.

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