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This 19-year-old Kiwi farmer accidentally became a character in a US board game

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Mike Dickison7 months ago

Sobering that by sprinkling a bit of fake Japanese into the entry they managed to make it stick in Wikipedia for over a year, according to the edit history. I suspect the volunteer editors who do all the work in Wikipedia were focussed on deleting all the cruder vandalism on that page, and anything even somewhat plausible was left alone. Looking at the IP addresses on that September day, you can see Bradford's mate repeatedly trying to vandalise the Dannevirke page, and getting it reverted by an editor a couple of minutes later, until gives up. A few days later he moves to the Legendary Creatures of Japan and has more luck there.


Martin7 months ago

Kõtahi is Māori not japanese but yeah in this context i can see wht it was probably overlooked by wikipedia editors.

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