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The wonderful story of Wednesday Adams

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Lauren crowleyabout 1 year ago

Susan- this is Lauren, Ryan's monitor engineer and long time friend. I was with him the night we found cemetery cat, and am so delighted to hear that she has a happy home. Ryan is as well!
Unfortunately, I am commenting because I find the rest of this article too infuriating to keep quiet. First off, his hair is brown, he does not own snakeskin boots, or a vans jacket. Second, these women who you have insinuated he had and forgot about DO NOT exist. He is a loyal, long term relationship kind of guy. The only accurate part of your "investigation" in regards to him is that you would have needed to go through his publicist. We are adhearing to an extremely tight schedule. He is doing multiple interviews a day, on top of playing a heavy load of shows. I'm sorry that you were unable to secure a slot for yourself, but the fact that you decided to paint him in such an unfair light is inexcusable. This is not journalism, this is extremely petty revenge.

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