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The secret life of music therapists

Thursday 5th March 2015

Music 101's Yadana Saw meets some of our best music therapists and the people they work with.


Music Therapist Pip Algie.

Photo by Stan Alley

Even before birth we are attuned to the tone and rhythm of our mother's heartbeat and voice. Music and sound can move us in deeply profound ways and it is a language anyone can speak.

In the Secret Life of Music Therapists, Music 101 contributor Yadana Saw explores the power of sound by meeting music therapists and the people they work with. From toddlers with special needs to people overcoming eating disorders and palliative care patients, we learn that music is a powerful medicine in many different worlds.

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Lifetime listener, first time radio producer Yadana Saw’s love of student radio began as a long distance affair requiring many car trips into the rural outskirts of Whangarei to catch a very faint bFM signal.
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