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The Pencilsword: Goodbye Old Zealand

Friday 25th September 2015

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“The only times I really think about what it means to be a New Zealander is when I am overseas, so I am comparing what I know with what I am seeing in the new country. I have never lived in the country and don't know any Fred Daggs, and I don't even know many meat and three veg types. So for me, the stereotypical New Zealander is curious, open-minded and fairly tolerant of differences. Quite self-reflective and self-aware, which can sometimes lead to shyness and a lack of willingness to speak out. On the other hand, maybe because we are so far away, or maybe because we don't have many traditions, we feel more freedom to follow our own paths than people in many other countries. Anyway, my stereotypical kiwi pretty much fits the profile that you created - young, female and mixed.” — PingLady

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Toby Morris is an Auckland based illustrator and comic artist. He is the creator of the Pencilsword and also half of the Toby and Toby duo behind the series 'That is the question' at
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