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The Mispronunciation Issue: What it looks like in Aotearoa

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Brogan Wairau10 months ago

Same with me at school. I got called Wika-tor-rea instead of Wikitoria. And in year 11 I requested that my name be changed to my pakeha name on the roll because I was sick of hearing my name pronounced incorrectly for the last 3 years. However my p.e teacher who was pakeha said something to me I'll never forget. He said "You should've kept it as your Maori name, it's beautiful" From then on I was proud, prior to that I was also embarrassed of being Maori. Now I speak our language with pride and when I speak English I make sure I check my pronunciation too. So to my pakeha brothers and sisters, you need to make the effort just like we do.

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