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The mighty Jungle

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Tom McFarland says it was a fateful day that band mate Josh Lloyd-Watson jumped over his garden wall in their hometown of Shepherd's Bush, West London. They were 10-years-old at the time and it was Summer, 2000.

Last year the duo who go by the name, Jungle, crept on to the British music scene via the blogo-sphere. The British music media have since labelled them  “the most exciting band in the world”. 

Despite being in their early 20s, “J and T”, as they’re oft called, make 70’s and 80’s styled funk, yet modern-pop music. Their video Busy Earning has made headlines because of the Flashdance-type influence it has. “I don’t like to admit it but J would say I’m a good dancer,” says McFarland whose mother is a dance teacher.

The pair don’t actually feature in their videos however, McFarland says that decision comes down to putting the art in their music before anything else. “We were so proud of all the work we'd put into it, we didn’t want to let our ego or the concepts of one or two people be the forefront of this vision."

LISTEN to the full interview with Jungle:


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