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The Bachelor NZ: Family matters

Thursday 30th April 2015

This week on The Bachelor NZ we saw Arthur meet the families of the four remaining bachelorettes and what an upsetting, confusing, awkward and, yet somehow still, wonderful time it was.

We saw Arthur make some chocolate, look good in a garden and get grilled metaphorically by Dani’s intense stepmother Amanda, and then again almost literally when Arthur tried to take over Matilda’s father’s grill. Meeting the families of almost strangers is definitely one of my hobbies so I really related to these two episodes.

Thankfully, there was only one rose ceremony this week and my very weak heart could barely even handle that. It was the most stress that I have been under for quite some time. I felt like I had hung out with the families myself and had been the giver of those gorgeous diamond bracelets. I wanted to predict who Art would let go, but it was basically impossible. He led Dani outside for a chat and from that moment I began to feel betrayed and cheated.

Of course, a crying girl was going to change his mind.

Instead we said goodbye to Poppy which is something I was definitely not ready to do. That leaves us with a top three of Matilda, Dani and Alysha.

Matilda and Dani were no-brainers, but choosing Alysha was surprising as from the very beginning I pinned her as an underdog. After seeing their relationship progress quite significantly and quickly, she could be the strongest contender and could possibly take this out. Or in the case of this show, take him out. More. Because they’ve only been on approximately five dates.

Even though I knew that Art had really strong feelings for Dani, I felt betrayed when it wasn’t Poppy that he chose to stay. I took to Twitter to share my grief with others, as this is what I do in times of crisis. Along the way I found a few tweets that really did all of the talking for me.




There was something I noticed in between watching these awkward family oriented encounters and it was that a lot of the things that the bachelorettes say sound like death threats. These were my favourites from this week’s episodes:


I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next week. It’s impossible for me to predict. This show is just one thing that I will never, ever understand. I’m confused and almost scared about how it will end. My bet is on Alysha winning at the moment, and by bet I mean nothing because I have nothing left. We’ll just have to see how this goes.

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