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Tastes Like it Sounds - Nikolai

Tuesday 17th January 2017

We spoke to bands about what they thought food would sound like.


Because we love music and also food, The Wireless’ Tastes Like it Soundsvideo series sees artists from five bands - Cut Off Your Hands, Fazerdaze, Yukon Era, Purple Pilgrims and Nikolai - choose four ingredients and talk to us about what they think they’d sound like. 

Then, culinary genius Lukrecya Craw of Peach Pit makes a dish using the ingredients for the artists to eat.

Each week in the lead up to Laneway Festival - at which the artists will perform - we’ll release a new video, shot and directed by Luke McPake, with animation by Frances Haszard on The Wireless’ Facebook page.

The third episode of Tastes Like it Sounds features Nikolai talking taro, tuna and polyamory.

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