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Stan - what are you doing?

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

An open letter (of sorts) to beloved angel and popstar Stan Walker about the huge mistake he is about to make.


Stan. My love. Man of the people. You have seen us through thick and thin. You have protected us and taught us to love and wore sheer sexy shirts and made good music that we enjoyed.

What the hell are you doing????

It has became apparent that sweet, beautiful, lovely Stan has (once again) gone over to the dark side. Rather than explain, it is perhaps easiest if I show you.


Lets dissect this.

Yes that is Stan, local angel and popstar, looking broody and dapper in black and white.


Yes, just in front of him is a slightly out of focus Brian Tamaki, horrifically greasy homophobic Destiny Church Bishop.


And yes alongside this nightmarish combination of images is a variety of fonts indicating that Stan and Brian will be collaborating for Saturday’s Destiny Church affiliated Man Up convention.  

Now I cannot claim to be any kind of theologian, and I would never care to comment on the intricacies and nuances of Stan’s faith which are of course personal and inalienable, and rightly so. But Destiny Church???

Destiny Church whose leaders flaunt their wealth while requiring their (often low-income) members to donate 10 percent of their incomes?

Destiny Church, which 120,000 people have petitioned to be declared a hate group and to have its tax-free privileges removed?


Dammit Stan!

Rumours have swirled for years about Stan’s affiliation with Destiny Church, and before we blame this on the hell year it is my sad duty to tell you it has happened before. According to Stuff he even performed at a Destiny event as recently as 2014 and attended the open day for their new premises in the same year.

Now 2014 was not that long ago, but Stan is young and his path has been harder than most. Mistakes can be forgiven and indiscretions can be explained away with a little creative reasoning (Stan lives in Aussie right? Maybe he’s missed a couple of news stories?). This however seems like a very big mistake and the timing could not be worse.

Thankfully Stan, your good buddies in the liberal media are here to set you right. Chat to your PR people, have a think, call me if you get stuck (we’ll do lunch!), and consider what you are doing.


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β€œHe's probably tied into a contract - probably signed before all this homo-earthquakes hu-ha went down. Poor Stan... :(
” β€”

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