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Someone has been playing 'F*** tha Police' over police radio

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Coming straight from the underground.



Someone has been broadcasting N.W.A’s 'F*** tha Police' over police radio in Otago. 

And while you may think this is hilarious, according to the Otago Daily Times, the police do not. 

On Friday night, during an armed offenders squad (AOS) callout in Oamaru, police radios picked up “multiple versions” of the '90s rap classic.

"It was putting people in danger. There's no question that if it carries on and if they do what they're doing it will delay a response," Otago coastal acting area commander Inspector Kelvin Lloyd told the ODT.

The radios have also picked up a song by Rage Against the Machine. The paper has not specified which RATM song it was.

Lloyd told Stuff that police didn’t take the lyrics of the songs personally, but were concerned the broadcasts were tying up resources during emergency situations, such as the AOS callout. 

Last year, a man broadcast pig grunts over police radios in the lower North Island. 

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Susan Strongman is an Auckland-based journalist at The Wireless. She is interested in social issues, human rights and people, but prefers to spend her spare time with her cats.
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