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Sexism in music: 'What guitar does your boyfriend have?'

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Q Bert4 months ago

There is so much wrong with this article it's difficult to know where to start, it is like reading, and I hate this fact but it's true, accounts of the sham trials of Stalinist Russia.
The three women sitting around the table all so they have had good experiences, so where does that leave the writer with an SJW axe to grind? Less women get involved in the music industry and they make less of the share of royalties.
Surprise surprise genius.
I'm a musician, I've never bothered with APRA.
Most who have make a joke amount out of it. My choice to make music a major part of my life has cost me dearly.
The way of music is not for the faint of heart, poverty is a constant companion.
In my experience many women just aren't that up for it.
They tend to be seekers of comfort, and they tend to value security and comfortable surroundings and to dislike precarious or unstable lifestyles.
Now enter the ideological hobby horse, "gender is just a construct", f'ing BS.
We all know the reality is far from that and men and women are quite different in certain respects, have different priorities, and that on the whole men don't ask permission to express themselves, they just get on with it and they'll endure what ever they have to to get where they want to be.
Women, not so much, blame cultural conditioning if you like, but the whole point of radical self expression is to disregard cultural conditioning and think for your self.
No one is going to lay out the red carpet for you, throw petals at your feet. Stop whining and get on with it.

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