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Real Groovy reveal their new home

Thursday 3rd December 2015

Real Groovy is moving right across the road from their current site at 438 Queen Street.

Photo: Todd Niall/RNZ

Iconic Auckland record store Real Groovy has found a new home.

The shop, which is currently housed in one of Queen Street’s most recognisable buildings, is relocating to make way for new apartments on the site. Today, owners announced that it’ll open its new doors right across the road at 369 Queen Street – the former Salvation Army auditorium.

It’ll include two levels of retail space: the auditorium and also the basement, where they’ll hold their collection of vinyl. “It’s the same kind of scale as the old store, but way groovier, absolutely perfect for us,” says owner Chris Hart.

All up, it’ll be the fourth time in the store’s history that it’s had to move. Known as one of the city's best-known recorded music retailers, the shop was first located on Mt Eden Road, before moving to 492 Queen Street. It’s been settled in its current site at 438 Queen Street since 1991.

“We had a good run in the old shop, 25 years, and that time saw a huge amount of change. But we’re really excited about moving: the new shop is something special. I couldn’t imagine a better location or space for Real Groovy,” said Hart.

The new location will open its doors on Friday January 7, while the old store will remain open until Sunday January 17 with a selection of sale items. 

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