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Premiere: The Doqument 'Glamour'

Thursday 12th November 2015

The Wireless presents the premiere for The Doqument's new single 'Glamour'.


It was pretty apparent from the get-go that The Doqument were onto something special. Introducing themselves to the world with their self-titled first single back in 2012, the Auckland-based rap group came armed with a sound that was both confrontational and self-assured. The verses were packed tight with detail, while the production was dark, gritty and determined. It’d easily establish them as Ones To Watch.

Fast forward a little and the four-piece group – made up of SikeOne, imaGe, Shaqles and Mac Major – have just been nominated for Best Urban/Hip-Hop Album at this year’s New Zealand Music Awards. And now, with their new single ‘Glamour’, it seems there’s no sign of slowing down.

We're pretty much just spitting bars on the track. You could say that it’s a form of sharpening our swords.

According to SikeOne, the group didn’t have a clear direction in mind for the new song. “All we knew was that the beat was dope and we had some dope bars to go with it.” The results feel like a victory lap of sorts, filled with bold moments and seamless flows. The song never really lets up, but it never feels excessive either.

“We're pretty much just spitting bars on the track,” SikeOne says. “You could say that it’s a form of sharpening our swords - showing the people we never lack when it comes to spitting knowledge.

“It all fell into place in the end. It's quite the braggadocio style mixed with real life elements. We all touch on our everyday lives and how we see the world from our own point of views.”

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Like much of their work, ‘Glamour’ is characterised by elements of 90s boom bap rap. SikeOne talks about growing up listening to Nas, Jay Z, Big L and The Notorious B.I.G, all artists that had an impact on The Doqument’s artistic approach and style.

But there’s much more to their songs than just reviving an old sound. SikeOne says that much has changed for the group since that debut back in 2012, and it’s allowed them to grow and work together more efficiently as a unit. “We wouldn't call it a change of taste,” he says. “But rather an evolution of the mind”.

We wouldn't call it a change of taste, but rather an evolution of the mind.

The nod for Best Urban/Hip-Hop Album comes for the act’s ambitious double album Blank Canvas: Wall & Piece, which was released last year. Getting the nomination wasn’t a goal of theirs at first, but they talked about it being a possibility once the album dropped. SikeOne says all four of them are stoked with the recognition. “It means a lot to us and shows our hard work is paying off.”

And while we’re still a week away from finding out whether or not they’ll scoop up the music award, the group is already onto the next one – though they’re tight-lipped about it for the time being.

“We definitely got a few things in the pipeline. It’s under wraps at the moment but what we can say is expect something big from us in 2016,” says SikeOne.

“This is only the beginning of what’s to come.”

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