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Otago students accused of 'dark web' drug imports

Tuesday 17th November 2015

Police have arrested two University of Otago students accused of importing ecstasy, cocaine and LSD which officers say could be to pay for their study fees.

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The two 23-year-old men will appear in the Dunedin District Court tomorrow after police seized thousands of dollars of cash as well as the drugs.

Detection Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said the drugs, which were bought on a secretive part of the internet known as the dark web, would have been sold to support their lifestyle.

"I think in most of these cases that we've had in the past, it's been a money-making venture.

"Most drug-dealing - whether it's gangs or whatever - it's greed involved in some way. Lifestyle, sometimes, for others."

Inglis said both of the men were well through their degrees, and this could hamper their future careers.

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