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Off The Runway: Dunedin

Tuesday 25th August 2015

Off The Runway is a fashion series about the individual style that defines New Zealand cities.


First up, we hit the streets of Dunedin to talk to locals about the stories that make their clothes unique.

Emma Payton, manager at the Finders Keepers op shop, says her style is based around “power clashing” – mixing patterns like polka dots, stripes and tartan that wouldn’t normally go together.

Her wardrobe is made up of second-hand treasures, including a pair of boots she scored for less than $5.

Fellow Dunedin resident Mike Cameron says he sets himself apart from the puffer jackets he sees everywhere by buying most of his clothes online.

Working as a barista at a local cafe, Cameron's prized possession is a windbreaker designed by the singer of his favourite band which he wears pretty much religiously.

Of course, the temperature in Dunedin has a lot to do with what you wear, Kira Hundleby tell us.

The singer-songwriter prefers clothes that are comfortable but warm, and says that the block colours of her favourite woollen jersey remind her of a Picasso artwork.

“It’s kind of hideous, but I kind of like it.”

Story produced by Carla Green

Video shot by John Bollen and edited by Luke McPake.

This content is brought to you with funding support from NZ On Air.

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