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Nursing can’t shake its bullying problem

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Cameron4 months ago

Well, I can draw parallels to working at call centres doing technical support work. I experienced much of the same toxicity, from seniors, managers, customers. It makes you physically and mentally sick staying in those environments. As stated in the article, get out now while you still have your sanity. Maybe there should be some kind of watchdog, unbiased overseeing working environment, as everyone should have the right to feel safe in their place of employment. I hope this isn't too idealistic, but it is the truth.


Dexter Dar4 months ago

This is quite an eye opener and I do hope that real action can come from this. But, let us not forget the health care assistant/caregiver that usually works under nurses as well. Sometimes the bullying they experience gets far worse than what happens between nurses.

Management needs to have a change of principles and stop turning a blind eye and deal with it. It only proliferates because they get to get away with it.

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