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Non-voters tell us what it would take to get them to the ballot box

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newbrunetteover 1 year ago

How bizarre - most of the young ones quoted in this article say they don't know enough to vote. Hello! Get educated! It ain't that hard. They really should be ashamed of themselves. Here they are - so it seems from the photos - privileged, white, middle-class and yes having had access to a pretty decent education system and all they can say is "I don't know enough". More fools them.


Rogerover 1 year ago

People who vote only because they think it is their obligation to do so... because they live in a democracy etc, should have their brain's roasted. If you think the choices are all bad - then you have an obligation NOT to vote... that of itself is a vote. They do not presently include on the voting sheet a 'None of the above' protest vote - which if they did would allow people to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the system. If 70 % of young people stopped voting the political establishment would be bending over backwards to come up with policies to get you voting... they need legitimacy.
Young people - do yourselves a favour - stop voting altogether until a political party does something that is worthy of you vote. How about interest free mortgages for first time buyers. Now that would be worth voting for.


Thomas Ticklebottomover 1 year ago

Lazy little sh*ts. There are billions of people who can only dream of the ability to engage in democracy. They all need a kick up the arse, not indulgence.


Trudy Dickinsonover 1 year ago

How disappointing
It's easy to educate yourself about MMP, but maybe it should be part of high school studies?
Not voting simply allows the status quo to remain OR allows radical outsider like Donald Trump to come through the middle. His supporters turned out and his opposition stayed at home.
If you can't find a Party to vote for find one that is the best fit and join. BE THE CHANGE from within


Tomover 1 year ago

How about taking on some responsibility as a citizen and voting for the benefit of everyone?

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