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New Zealand's young conservatives

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Ray C2 months ago

Good article. It's refreshing reading something about coservatism, and the interest in this with a variety of young people.

I would consider myself politically left leaning but I value all thoughts and opinions, and I think it would would frustrating if no conservative voices made it to mainstream media.

As I understand from talking to people, being conservative is extremely unpopular and challenging at tertiary institutions. This is such a shame, as these places should be somewhere that you can discuss and debate new ideas and where all view points have a chance to be spoken and acknowledged.


LMR2 months ago

Glad to hear from these people. As someone in their mid-20s who shares many of these opinions (regarding identity politics, abortion and marriage in particular), it's refreshing to just get a chance to read them. Often in the media the liberal opinions on these matters are presented as the only opinions which are socially acceptable. I think it's generally underestimated just how many young people share these opinions but are too afraid to say anything for fear of being labelled a sexist, backward hick. There is a widespread unwillingness among the young, particularly at universities, to consider conservative ideas as legitimate stances. University professors in particular will not give you the time of day. Have courage, stand up for your beliefs. Even if you don't agree with these opinions, be willing to listen and engage. Break out of the echo chambers. Good on these people!

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