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Need a break from your ex? Facebook wants to help

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koko kalu3 months ago

I think it is the right time for me to share this on the internet. My good and bad I have experienced so far. At at least from this, people might learn till they themselves become a helper, and a savior, to someone else outhere. Not to fall on the same trap that many are still falling into today. This will lead you away from these people who takes people’s money without helping them out. As you read, I have pass you my message I have promised Goddess Sunlight that I would share if she would help me save my falling marriage. And now also, I will be sharing with you my testimonies that is leading me more to share it more and more with you and to the whole world. This message is for you seeking for help over through the internet. be mindful with the kind of priest of person you are contacting, telling your whole life secrets, seeking for help. because there lots out there. They will take your money and they will not be able to help you. I have the courage to share this today because it happens me. I wish I had knew maa sunlight long long time ago. Who opened my eyes to see that I’ve been lied to. And been deceived that almost ruin my marriage. And till today, tomorrow, she is the mother of which i now always wish to have for the rest of my life.. and through her I’m getting wisdom to live and manage my home. After I have been deceived by so many people. I think the reason why I didn’t know that I was getting tricked was because, I contacted so many people online to help me cast a spell so that my husband could love me. as my husband no longer looks at me, or cherish me

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