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Naked Science

Thursday 14th August 2014

How do lasers work and how can we use them in new ways? Is there life on Mars? And what happens once planet earth becomes uninhabitable? Could bacteriophages be used to combat disease and is e-therapy the way forward for helping to treat young people with depression?

These were some of the questions posed at Naked Science, a two part live demonstration event bringing to light some of the best in science and technology in New Zealand. Naked Science is a collaboration between Radio New Zealand’s This Way Up and BBC presenter Dr Chris Smith. 

Listen to the full Auckland show or watch the video

Listen to the full Wellington show:



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Lena is the Project Co-ordinator for The Wireless. Prior to joining Radio New Zealand and The Wireless, she worked in marketing as a video producer and campaign specialist. Lena trained as a classical pianist and loves Scandinavian crime dramas and well-tailored pants.
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