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'Multiracial boys together in park, e-cig smokers'

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Millennials: we looked for you in a stock image library and this is what it spat back up.  


"Internet fans":

"Multiracial boys together in park, e-cig smokers. Health problems, social issues":

Photo: 123rf

"Casual young smiling woman holding a large chinese goose. The bird is a bit nervous. Young farm girl holding a nervous Chinese goose and calming it down":

"A broke young caucasian man in jeans showing his empty pocket":

Photo: Supplied

"Beautiful young brunette woman in bed smiling taking a selfie":

Photo: 123rf

"Three modern dancers at studio. Isolated over white":

Photo: 123rf

"young hipster businessman consults his laptop in the heart of city":

"Woman taking selfie photo on studio":

Photo: 123rf

"Closeup of a young caucasian man with some musical symbols tattooed in his wrists, chilling out on a wooden pier at the sea":

Photo: 123rf

"Group of young beautiful multiethnic man and woman friends having fun jumping outdoor in the city":

Photo: 123rf

"Laughing young Asian man sitting in outdoor cafe with mobile phone holding cup of coffee enjoying success":

Photo: 123rf

(May we all, one day, enjoy this level of millennial success.)

"A young caucasian man with a paper bag in his head with a funny face shows a chalkboard with the text I eat carbohydrates and a plate with spaghetti":

Photo: 123rf

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