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Making fun of Richie McCaw in Rotorua

Thursday 9th November 2017

As poet Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey tours New Zealand with his pal Skyscraper Stan, he'll be immortalising each show in a poem. Here's the first, from The Rogue Stage in Rotorua. 

Dominic "Tourettes" Hoey and Skyscraper Stan outside the venue in Rotorua.

Crawling out the teeth of Auckland

Josh and Stan and me

coffee and novels

vegan meat pies and road kill

how do you get lost on State Highway 1?



a flash hotel drinking beers


people having high tea

pretending it doesn’t smell like the Wine Cellar toilets on a Saturday


Sold enough tickets not to lose money

though I guess money’s never lost

just finds its way into other peoples pockets


In the end the crowd’s magic

laughing at my stupid jokes

except when I make fun of Sir Richie

the room falling silent

like a tree in some deserted wood

turned into paper

with a poem

mocking our national hero

scrawled over its dead flesh


The next show on the tour is at The Common Room in Hastings on Friday. Check the tour dates here. 

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