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Lessons from Metiria Turei’s resignation

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about 1 year ago

The real issue was never lying or cheating. By supporting or condoning Metiria's advocacy of benefit fraud as an act of civil disobedience the Green caucus holds a position that is at odds with international law and render it unfit to be a party in Government.
Like, even if the Greens get their 20% benefit rise, given a (still) limited welfare putea, the consequence of benefit fraud is that MSD tightens the purse strings, which makes jumping through the hoops harder for everyone including the less able,some of whom miss out. Benefit fraud works in tandem with MSD staff behaviour to create suffering.
NZ has agreed to promote social progress; protect children and persons with disabilities; and to refrain from engaging in any act or practice that is inconsistent with the UNCRPD. Encouraging acts that would contribute to suffering is not legitimate civil disobedience.
"If there is ever to be meaningful change in Aotearoa, we need to take on board the struggles of the most marginalised, disempowered and unheard."[ Hye Ji Lee ]
David Clendon and Kennedy Graham found themselves in a situation that appeared to be out of a B grade movie: Alien/Invasion of the body snatchers/Zombie Caucus. What could they do to bring the caucus to it's senses? David and Kennedy stood not as James Shaw said, on their own personal morality, but on the principle and letter of international law protecting children and persons with disabilities. The Greens shameful response was effectively constructive dismissal.
My heartfelt thanks to David and Kennedy.


aWanderer12 months ago

She admitted to fraud and lied about her personal circumstances at the time. Regardless of whether she had good intentions or not its difficult to move past that.

Her lack of acumen has also heavily wounded the green party and made resolving the grievances she was looking to promote even less likely.

As a direct result of this as a previous green vote I will now be voting TOP.

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