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Left without a choice: How international students are exploited in New Zealand

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John Buttabout 2 years ago

Totally agree as an employer.

The educational institutes are also abusing migrants for fees, offering inadequate and unusable qualifications as a carrot to get qualified, migrate and get a job in NZ, but the qualifications are well below acceptable.

The secondary affect is that the pressures on students to qualify, get a job, bring over an arranged wife, and the family is so high, that suicides are also apparent.


pagotaover 1 year ago

totally agree. never go to NZ ever. they exploit you good in NZ. i swear worst country. better stay in your job in India or china or Malaysia. even if you have a lot of money don't come to NZ go to USA or Canada that does not happen in these countries. many people get exploited in this country. Even Australians hate this country. just google new zealand and bad education and exploitations you will find many europeans such as british french germans who left also poor asians do not realize that. all what is written and says in this post are totally 100% right don't take the risk get away from NZ. Pls. spread the word


Jeffover 1 year ago

Oh poor them, what about the local people here that are abused even more. Try being a skilled trades person living for two years off retirement savings because businesses can't even supply us with a acceptable wage simply to pay the regular costs of keeping hold of our homes. There are nurses, nurse aides, aged minders and other health care people along with builders, plumbers, painters, electricians, Council Servants and many many other skilled trades and general people that businesses like private and public hospitals throw out as cost cutting measures to put these cheap Indian ladies into their place and of course those unskilled young people without life skills are adding to the deaths that occur in the hospitals. Then consider this overall trade loss and ask yourselves why has Christchurch got a building problem, why is Auckland and Wellington so behind in building new homes, why aren't people these days considered on their skills instead of saving every dollar at the cost of human life aswell as the economy living off a false value being Savings & Redundancy. Give everyone in this country a fair chance to a decent life and bring back fairness in business


Jane Blaikieover 2 years ago

This is also happening in early childhood education - private providers holding back on paperwork for teacher registration and visas so women have to work long hours, for low pay, in poor conditions

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