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Keeping up with the Kontentsphere

Friday 28th July 2017

Has another week passed you by with nary a fleeting glance at the weird and wonderful world of online content? Get the goss with another handy installment of Keeping up with the Kontentsphere.


There’s nothing commercial radio stations love more than bizarre problematic on-air stunts, ideally with a befuddled international celebrity involved and the Lil Yachty Mai FM incident this week was a real doozy.

The visiting rapper was unfortunate enough to be embroiled in a game, selected seemingly solely on the premise that it rhymed with his name, in which Mai FM hosts asked him to rate images of women on whether they are ‘hotties’ or ‘notties’. Yachty, clearly more intelligent than the many people involved in making such a bad decision, declined to speak ill of the women saying
“everyone is beautiful" while shooting pleading looks at his management.

The video of the incident has been removed from Mai FM’s website and social media, as has a video of Mai FM host Lily Taurau rightly dragging the station for being sexist and terrible. The memory, though, will live on forever.


In a show of total indifference for the pedestrians of the world, the BSA have not upheld a complaint made that says Lorde’s Greenlight video encourages dangerous driving.

With the video showing the singer pulling such daredevilish pranks as leaning the window of a moving car and dancing atop a stationary car it is a miracle that the impressionable kiwi youth have not been dropping like flies since Lorde first goaded them into such recklessness with the video’s release in March.

As a self-declared non-driver Lorde’s goal here is clearly to rid the world of the motorists she despises. I guess she thinks they’re a...Liability.


It’s another turbulent time for poor, long suffering Justin Bieber but, between cancelling the remainder of his tour dates and running over photographers with his car, it seems lil Biebs has turned to religion to help him through. Hot hot religion.

Justin has been spending lots of time with his pastor Carl Lentz, of the trendy Hillsong church, and word is Carl even flew to our very own shores recently (!) to visit pop’s prodigal son while on tour. Will Carl’s words (and abs) be the solution to all of Bieber’s problems? We can but pray.


Kylie Jenner took a saucy selfie in undies made by none other the NEW ZEALAND’S OWN Lonely Lingerie. Who knew you could get that kind of lift from a softcup? Kylie truly is a miracle worker!


When it was announced earlier this week that Microsoft would no longer be including MS Paint as a default programme on future products, everyone totally freaked out as is right and appropriate.

But as a testament to the POWER OF LOVE all is not lost! In response to the uprising, Microsoft have decided to make the beloved painting tool available in the Windows Store. While this is still an appalling way to treat the most important computer tool ever invented, we can at least rest assured that there is still a way to draw funny pictures without wasting paper. #savethetrees

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