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Keeping up with the Kontentsphere

Friday 17th November 2017

Has another week passed you by with nary a fleeting glance at the weird and wonderful world of online content? Get the goss with another handy installment of Keeping up with the Kontentsphere.


She may have just created peace and unity throughout our fair nation with last night’s Lorde hug at the VNZMAs, but newly minted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also spent this week proving that in the blink of an eye, nice can turn to ice.

Speaking to Newsroom about her recent visit to Vietnam where she met the totally reasonable, not at all war inciting US President, she recounted the following exchange:

Though Trump was apparently unperturbed by the remark, I certainly was.

‘No-one marched when I was elected’?

Stone bloody cold, Jacinda.


In yet another Otago Daily Times story that has me wondering if Dunedin is actually an alternate universe of joy and wonder, a man was pulled over by police this week when they noticed that he was playing the bagpipes while driving.

While initially thought to be a clarinet or windpipes, it was confirmed by police to the ODT that the man was indeed playing the chanter part of his bagpipes while motoring, a choice that Dunedin road policing acting sergeant Bryce Johnson described as “"foolish to say the least".

Though the man was let off with a warning, Johnson advises drivers to "always keep both hands on the wheel at all times, watch your speed and following distances and stick to the road rules."

Good advice!


US musician and Lorde tour mate Khalid visited our fair shores this week for a show at Spark Arena and a few quick and painless interviews.

Or so he thought.

In an on-camera interview with Seven Sharp’s Tim Wilson, Khalid found himself being asked - in a whisper no less - if the broadcaster could touch his hair. Khalid, who seems like a nice understanding man, was then seen uncomfortably thanking Wilson as he told him "oh it's so soft, it's lovely".


What does pop phenomenon hair feel like? Goofing around with @thegr8khalid #soft #soulful #real #amazing @sevensharptvnz

A post shared by Tim Wilson (@scallywaggwilson) on

While he no doubt thought this was a kind, complimentary, and not at all racially-charged gesture, others were less sure.

Someone needs to listen to a little Solange, methinks.


Most of the time, when it comes to Hannah and Brian Tamaki and the whole Destiny Church crew, one prefers to avert one’s eyes and just hope that things aren’t getting out of hand.

Still, sometimes you’ve gotta check in and see what's up - so how are things going with the Tamaki’s this week?

Ah yes, of course.

Carry on.

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