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Keeping up with the Kontentsphere

Friday 6th October 2017

Has another week passed you by with nary a fleeting glance at the weird and wonderful world of online content? Get the goss with another handy installment of Keeping up with the Kontentsphere.

Screenshot: NZ Herald


Once again, while you were wasting time complaining about your landlord not letting you put blu tack on the walls of your flat like some kind of complacent fool, local journalists were unearthing one of the many plucky millennials to say “housing-crisis-schmousing-schmisis” and make it work.

This time it is a Tom Harper, a young Radio Hauraki intern, who recently moved from Christchurch to Auckland and is living in a tent in his friend's garden.

“Before I moved to Auckland my Aunty Chris gave me a tiny clay house” he told the NZ Herald.  “According to her it was "the only house I'd ever own".

Having learned how to deal with inclement weather, lawn gradients, and slugs, snails and spiders, Tom is well on his way to home ownership glory.

“I'm gung-ho to do it until I can prove Aunty Chris wrong and get myself a house that's not tiny or clay. Just a house that's mine and all because I lived in a tent.” 

Is it serious? Is it satire? Either way, this dude does actually seem to live in a tent so that's where we're at.


Speaking of the NZ Herald, as the country waits for the politicians to sort their ish out, our National Newspaper’s social media department are doing…



Sick of hearing about John Key’s roguish son Max's weekly shenanigans? Then you’ll be relieved to find that his artist daughter Stephie has been living a quieter life, this week taking some time out in LA to eat the grossest sounding ice cream you could ever imagine.

Screenshot: Instagram/Stephie Key

How the other half live, aye.


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Well according to Countdown you are CANCELLED, with the supermarket chain set to BAN THE BAG entirely by the end of 2018.

It’s a move that, according to Countdown managing director Dave Chambers, “would result in 350 million fewer plastic bags ending up in rubbish tips,” and one that is hoped will encourage other retailers to follow suit.

Good news for the Dolphins; not so much for amateur filmmakers.


If you’re not already following the Otago Daily Times' incredible cute animal coverage then allow me to acquaint you: We’ve had the sinister Turkey; the goat with a nappy; the bunny riding the sheep; and now I present: The little lamb who thinks he’s a kitten.

‘Lamb Lamb’, a one-week old lamb adopted by a Milton dairy farmer and his family, sleeps with and hangs out with their seven kittens and uses the cat door as can be seen in a very charming video.

Unfortunately soon the fast-growing wooly child will be too big for the cat-door, but his owner Marc Hyslop, who calls Lamb Lamb a “hard-case”, says he will still be a “part of the family”.


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