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K Rd's St Kevin's Arcade sold to former Shortland Street actor

Friday 12th June 2015

St Kevin's Arcade.

Photo: Diego Opatowski/RNZ

K Rd landmark St Kevin’s Arcade has reportedly been sold to a former Shortland Street actor turned property manager.

Paul Reid, who played Marshall Heywood on the soap and fronted pop punk band Rubicon, is understood to be part of a group that has bought the 91-year-old building, the NZ Herald said.

St Kevin’s has remained a hub for central Auckland’s creative community as the rest of the K Rd strip has become increasing gentrified. The building is home to independent boutiques, bars and cafes.

Rumours about the future of the building were churning on Twitter yesterday afternoon, though the former actor was striking a conciliatory tone in his comments about its future.

Reid said his plan was to carefully restore the building, while "maintaining its relevance and within K Rd's cultural landscape," the NZ Herald reported.

"Like many Aucklanders who have formed a relationship with St Kevin's Arcade, I'm passionate about this building," he said.

"My vision for St Kevin's Arcade is to celebrate its beauty and curate an environment where Auckland's creative talent can thrive.”

The building was valued at $7.8 million by Auckland Council in July last year and is classed as a category B historic building.


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