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Journey of a plastic bag

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Plastic bags will be banned in New Zealand within a year - but where do the estimated billion we’ll use in the meantime end up?

More than a billion plastic bags could be thrown away before a ban comes into effect.

The government pledged earlier this month to phase out single-use plastic bags by July next year, using the Waste Minimisation Act.

It follows a 65,000-signature petition to Parliament calling for the bags to be banned, and pledges from the two major supermarket chains - New World and Countdown - to get rid of them from their stores by the end of the year.

But Greenpeace estimates New Zealanders use 1.6 billion of the bags each year - meaning more than a billion could be used by the time the government phase-out takes effect.

What happens to those bags? Find out in the video below.

Animation by Kai Higham / Script by Max Towle / Read by Tony Stamp
Made with the support of NZ On Air