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Introducing: SWIDT

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Emerging local musicians are given two minutes to introduce one of their songs and say whatever they like about themselves and their music.

Photo: Supplied

Name of project: SWIDT (See What I Did There).

Real names: Isaiah Libeau (Smokey), Daniel Latu (Spycc), Amon McGoram (INF), Asher Schwencke (Boomer), Jamal Muavae (JAMAL), Aaryn Orchard (A.Z.A).

Age (of project): Six years.

Hometown: Onehunga, Auckland.

Associated acts: Spycc & INF, David Dallas, Jay Rock (TDE), Kendrick Lamar, Hit Boy, Audio Push.

Musical guilty pleasure: S.O.S Band - Just Be Good To Me and many more..

Formative musical experience: Drums, keyboard, Fruityloops, Abelton.

Links: Facebook Soundcloud

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