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Introducing: Élan Vital

Monday 9th November 2015

Emerging local musicians are given two minutes to introduce one of their songs and say whatever they like about themselves and their music.

Élan Vital (L-to-R Renée Catherine, Nikolai Sim, Danny Brady).

Photo: Nina Harrap

Name: Élan Vital (Renee Barrance, Danny Brady, Nikolai Sim).

Age (of project): Five months.

Hometown: Dunedin.

Associated acts: 

Danny: Death and The Maiden, Thought Creature.

Renee: The Hairdos, Canyon Spree.

Nikolai: Terrified, Koyla, Scatterd Brains Of The Lovely Union.

Sounds like: Cold wave, post punk, dark disco.

Musical guilty pleasure:

Danny: Cheesy house music, U2's Joshua Tree. (The production though). The chipmunks pitched down. 

Renee: Paula Abdul. 

Formative musical experience: 

Danny: Watching Nirvana tear s***t up at the MTV Music Awards. 

Renee: Being an '80s baby growing up with '80s music videos and dancing along.

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