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Interview: October

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Wellington-based musician October is one to watch.


Photo: Supplied

October is the pseudonym of Blenheim-raised / Wellington-based musician Emma Logan. 

Emma writes, produces and records everything herself in her bedroom and says that she sees it through on her own because she’s never really thought about doing it any other way. Now 19, she’s been writing and recording for the past seven years. Producing is her favourite part of the process and working alone means that she can have the creative freedom she craves.

“I’m a control freak, but I don’t see that as a negative attribute. I just care about the sound that I’m putting forth, and I care about my image as an artist.

“I know I’m capable, and so far I’ve taught myself everything. It’s kinda amusing when I get asked who produces my shit, because why wouldn’t I be capable enough to do it myself?”

Emma's mother is a music teacher and attended the Royal College of Music in London, but it was her dad’s collection of classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Pink Floyd that had the biggest influence on her when she was growing up.

“I pride myself on my extensive 70’s rock knowledge as an 8-year-old, she saysI’ve been a Jim Morrison fan girl ever since.”

These days though, she name-checks FKA twigs, Arca, The Garden and King Krule as acts that she looks up to for their approach to lyrics and storytelling.

‘Voids’ is Emma’s latest single and it’ll be featured on an EP she has lined up for release over the summer. She says that she’s working on nailing down a cohesive and unique sound, but is aiming for something which is both industrial and abrasive, while still pop.

The single is a reflection of that ethos. Written during a time she felt somewhat hopeless, Emma says that she wanted to turn that vulnerability into a feeling of strength.

“The song is about my inability to confide in people because it feels as if they’re not listening or taking me seriously. It’s something that as a teenager, and especially a female I’ve experienced a bit. People often brush off your frustration as ‘hormones’, and dismiss any genuine hurt mainly because of our age.”

The clip itself was conceptualised, directed, shot and edited by Emma with the help of Connor Hickey and Sasha Kapica, who “played an immense part” in making it happen. It was a whole new experience for her and having free reign in the studio meant they could teach themselves how to do everything on the go.

“I had no doubt though,” she says. “I’m a firm believer that youth can do anything they put their minds to.” 

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