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Has Green Light got what it takes to win over these Lorde sceptics?

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Justin Fergusonover 1 year ago

I am a fan of the first album. Just listened to it for the second time without the awful video. It is a terrible single - sounds formula and like something i have heard a thousand times before - same as the video -dancing sexy on top of a car ? Such a shame - hopefully it is just the mandatory hit material and the rest of her next album will be a return to form.


Robert Artecaover 1 year ago

Hey Katie. I must ask, how has Lorde's older material "never done it for you" but this new track has. It most seems as if you're part of the problem. Lorde's debut "Pure Heroine" in which was a phenominal album front to back filled with poetry, rhythym & raw emotion.
Did you not enjoy her instant classic debut album such as the rest lf us did. Especially when she blessed us with performing it in its entierety at one of the LAST live shows EVER to be performed at the Iconic Roseland Ballroom in New York City; as it closed a week after with Lady Gaga riding out the venue's final shows hosted at Iconic landmark, doomed forever to be just a memory.

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